Why Does Everybody Love JC Lamkin?

Why Does Everybody Love JC Lamkin?

Besides having an enigmatic quality and a beauty inside and out, JC is a truthsayer.  She can’t help it.  She has no intention of being an inspiration, yet she is.

“While growing up, I often visited my mother’s family in the South. My grand aunt, a retired school teacher, would have us kids help her put old pictures in photo albums.  I remember thinking how tedious of a chore it was, as I would rather be outside playing.  But, I also remember being intrigued by the stories that came with the pictures.  As an adult, I realize now that the entire photo album project was my grand aunt’s nifty way of teaching us the truth about the greatness of our family’s history; and, although we should enjoy our fancy “proper talking Northern folk lifestyle”, it is important to continue to take our positions of protecting and growing our country seriously.

As an adult, I have learned that there are people who feel no allegiance to the country my parents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles have help to develop and direct.

I sometimes forget that everyone was raised differently.  Not everyone had a grand aunt who could documented their history and reveal it to them in a way that it would bring an unassuming power to their existence and be able to apply it to their everyday lives.

I sometimes forget that not everyone knows how to appreciate the kind of power my great granddaddy had when he shared a tune like one of his favorite songs “A Charge To Keep I Have”.”