Who is JC Lamkin?



JC Lamkin

Photo credit: Eman. Post-photo Earrings: “Fierce” by Tatteestastes.com
Favorite Quote:
“Say, why don’t you go home and write that in your diary…”


Who is JC Lamkin?

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and living in Chester City, JC Lamkin has been called this century’s most prolific innovator.  Raised by good ol’ fashion southern folk, JC is the perfect amalgamation of fiery justice, unabashed warmth, authentic magnetism, innate breeding, poise and charm of manner.  Always quick to seize upon anything to improve her mind, JC has ignored glass ceilings and silly caste systems.  Through her work in technology, sustainability, and community development, JC has brazenly changed what it means to be a renaissance woman and an African American in the United States.


Watch JC Lamkin as she straps her community with the power of technology


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